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    Pelatihan Flash dan Actionscript 3.0 Mobile Game Programming 

    Adobe AIR Android ARMv6ARM11 Adobe AIR Android ARMv6ARM11.apk

    Modul Pelatihan ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming (2013) Modul Pelatihan ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming (2013).pdf

    Program Latihan Program

    Program SnakeProgram

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    Tugas Tambahan Modul V 

    1. Jalankan dua aplikasi secara bersamaan tetapi dengan menggunakan threading!

    2. Membuat kalkulator sederhana dilengkapi dengan menu pilihan dan menggunakan fungsi!

    3. Buatlah program menghapus file pada sebuah direktori yang dijalankan berdasarkan waktu (scedule) dengan cron!


    Chayooo….   ^_^

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    Tugas Tambahan Modul IV 

    1. Menampilkan daftar ps aux dengan nama user dari masing-masing komputer!
    2. Lakukan perintah untuk mengkonfigurasi LAN via Terminal!
    3. Buatlah perintah login untuk masuk kesebuah file!

    Download Tutorial Bash klik Bash-Beginners-Guide

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    Kompetisi PES 2011 (Game PC) di Universitas Trunojoyo Madura (UTM) 

  • didinyustisianto 3:24 am on September 30, 2011 Permalink | Balas

    Talkshow Musik Digital Universitas Trunojoyo Madura (UTM) 

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    Tugas STBI 


    Under Maintenance…


    Exercise 1.2
    Bandingkan Dokumen di bawah ini
    1. Doc 1 : breathrough drug for schizophrenia
    2. Doc 2 : new schizophrenia drug
    3. Doc 3 : new approach for treatment of schizophrenia
    4. Doc 4 : new hopes for schizophrenia patients
    a. Gambar matriks kata-kata yang berhubungan dengan dokumen di atas
    Doc 1 Doc 2 Doc 3 Doc 4
    Breakthrougt 1 0 0 0
    Drug 1 1 0 0
    For 1 0 1 1
    Schizophenia 1 1 1 1
    New 0 1 1 1
    Approach 0 0 1 0
    Treatment 0 0 1 0
    Of 0 0 1 0
    Hopes 0 0 0 1
    Patients 0 0 0 1

    b. Gambar reperesentasi index sesuai dengan dokumen di atas


    Exercise 1.7
    Rekomendasikan pemrosesan order query untuk (tangerine OR tress) AND (marmalade OR skies) AND (kaleidoscope OR eyes) apabila hasil daftar posting yang diketahui sebagai berikut:
    Term Posting Size
    Eyes 213312
    Kaleidoscope 87009
    Marmalade 107913
    Skies 271658
    Tangerine 46653
    Trees 316812

    (tangerine OR trees) AND (marmalade OR skies) AND (kaleidoscope OR eyes)

    trees AND skies AND eyes

    Exercise 1.10


    answer <– ( )

    while X != NIL or Y != NIL

    do if docID (X) = docID (Y)

    then ADD(answer,docID(X))

    X <– next (X)

    Y <– next (Y)

    else if docID (X) <>

    then X <– next (X)

    else Y <– next (Y)

    return answer



    Operasi AND

















    Operasi Or
















    Operasi Not









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    Little Cry 

    Merasa Letih dengan Dunia….
    Mereka hilang semua
    Tertutup pintu nafsu

    Menjalar di daging cucu adam..
    membangun setiap langkah
    kejelasanmu membutakan kalbu

    hitungan panjang menanti ajal…
    tak tentu bernafas
    hirup udara lepas

  • didinyustisianto 1:38 pm on November 12, 2010 Permalink | Balas  

    IPhone Applications for Measuring Happiness 

    Massachusetts – Researchers at Harvard University who uses iPhone application to track the mood of the people, have found a correlation between imagining the feeling unhappy.

    Application called ‘Track Your Hapiness’ iPhone users will be contacted at random when the day to ask what they are feeling and what they do when answering these questions. The users have the option to decide when and how often they will be notified. So that was quoted from
    Mashable, Friday (12/11/2010).

    Results of a study published in the journal Science, examined approximately 2250 adults, 58.8 percent of male respondents and 73.9 of them live outside the U.S.. The average age of respondents was 34 years old. Respondents said that they imagine 46.9 percent of the time when the iPhone rang to check their thinking. And for those who say that they imagine are more likely to indicate that they feel unhappy.

    Jonathan Schooler, a professor of psychology at the University of California, said the findings should not be used to declare that all people who are dreaming are the ones who are not happy.

    According to Schooler, imagination is the key to solving the problem solving ability of a person. There is also evidence that dreaming is also important for creativity.

    “Even when there are cases that people who fantasize are not happy, that does not mean people should stop dreaming,” added schooler.

    Meanwhile, the applications ‘Track Your Happiness’ has been used by scientists to determine the cause of one’s happiness. To take the survey, click, where the user must first answer a few questions before becoming a participant.

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    Facebook Up Spend USD450 Million for Data Center 

    Carolina – Facebook up running out of servers to handle 500 million users. They also decided to build a new data center in North Carolina that will cost approximately USD450 million.

    This was announced by Northern California’s governor, Bev Perdue, who said take 18 months to complete the data-center. In addition, data centers are also expected to employ 35 to 45 people to operate it (not including the 250 jobs required during the construction process). Data-center was built in Rutherford County, located in west Charlotte, Carolina. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Friday (12/11/2010).

    Party up and the governor also stated that the data-center is also environmentally friendly energy efficient. Data-center that will employ advanced power management and cooling innovations. In addition it is expected that the data-center energy will reduce dependence on computing and related energy consumption, the energy required by data-center before, several years ago.

    Up to replace the data-center his first in January (which is based in Oregon) in order to deal with rapid growth. However the growth of social networking sites are so large, to the point that in the midst of construction, they decided to add data-center capacity.

    Previous data-center up as not able to accommodate the growth of user data which soared but now Facebook has added capacity for data-Centernya their site can keep running.

  • didinyustisianto 1:35 pm on November 12, 2010 Permalink | Balas  

    ‘Zombie’ Virus Bite 1 Million Mobile Unit 

    BEIJING – A virus was found to have attacked the approximately one million units of mobile phones in China. The virus is called ‘Zombie’ because of the rapid spread from phone to phone. Like in the movies, zombie bite turns humans into the dead.

    Xinhua on Friday (12/11/2010), reported the virus from breaking into a security application, which then transmits the user’s SIM card to the server that is controlled by a small group of hackers. The hackers will send a message or make a phone call that contains links to games and virus ridden software.

    The phone receiver is lifted to open a link or a phone call will be infected. Or messages can also be spread through emails that advise users know to click the link.

    Zhou Yonglin, a member of the National Computer Network Emergency Coordination Center, said in the first week the spread of the virus were recorded approximately 1 million units of mobile phones are infected.

    Although the service provider of telecommunications has taken steps to reduce the number of infected messages, Shihong Zou, a telecommunications expert at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications said that updating the virus may begin to send a message back, so it is difficult to see any suspicious activity on mobile users .

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